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ans slau▓ghtered is wholly undignified and a clear sign of Japan's inherent inability to f▓ace up to its past.In 2015, the education ministry announced it had ▓authorized textbooks for use in junior high ▓schools' social studies classes that contained con▓tent that served to fan the flames of histo▓rical and territorial disharmony between Japan and its closest neighbors.Two years a▓go, as is still the case now, at the crux▓ of the controversy is the textbooks' content overtly toeing the rightwing, revisionist line of the current administration.The ▓approv

lected the▓ government's equivocal view that the contes▓ted islands are inherently Japan's an▓d the teachers who use them will now▓ be under legal pressure to pass on the▓ government's misguided message."Territory-related descriptions in school textbooks have certainly been on the rise in the recent past and this is worrisome, as t▓eachers are duty-bound to teach a pr▓escribed curriculum even if it's one that has been politicized by the government," David McLellan,▓ a professor emeritus of postgraduate Asian Studies formerly told Xinhua."Disputes over land o▓r territory are nothing new in the world▓, but in terms of education, progressive countries tend to firstly concede th▓ere is in fact a dispute in the first plac▓e as a point of historical fact, and then▓ present a balanced view of the situ▓ation to better inform the students, rather▓ than dictate to them," he said.Political observer▓s have highlighted further inst▓ances of, not just the whitewashing of historical acts of aggression and brutal behavi▓or by Japan, but, again, the removal of Japan as the perpetrator.Previous content in▓ the textbooks that stated, ".▓..Japan's acts of atrocity were condemned..."▓ have been entirely deleted from the latest editions.On the land survey during Japan's o▓ccupation of Korea, previous textbooks stated that the move was, "under the banner o▓f modernizing Korea," but subsequent bo▓oks described the move as, "...with the purpose of modernization..."And the ▓Imperial Japanese Army forcing Oki▓nawans to commit mass suicide at the end of t▓he Battle of Okinawa has been phrased in new textbooks as, "...many Okin▓awans falling into a hopeless situation of suicide..."Education experts like ▓Hidenori Fujita have stated that historical and geographical education here is rapi▓dly going awry.The Kyoei University professor has said that textbooks here lack balance and fail to represent the feelings of unjustness from countries like China and South Korea, and are lacking in ▓detail about the specific claims from non-Ja▓panese parties regarding issues of territory and history.In one such example, the Manchurian Incident was barely mentioned on one page in a textbook, and the Nanjing Massacre, "comfort women" issue and even the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are barely footnotes in the▓ textbooks.Some experts speaking with authority on the matter have accused ▓Abe of flaunting his revisionist, milit▓aristic and imperialistic stance a▓nd in doing so mocking his detractors.They also maintain the textbooks and the education ministry in particular ar▓e also forcing nationalism onto children by way▓ of requiring them to "get familiar with▓ the national anthem and flag..." both of which have overt militaristic connota▓tions."Of course subjects like mathematics and science are taught differently, particularly the fo▓rmer, as learning a particular formula will always lead to the same objective results. Put simply,▓ one plus one will always equal two," explained McLellan."But the social sciences are supposed to develop critical thinking and interpretation, not spoon feed child▓ren rewritten governmental indoctrination. This is hugely irresponsible and dangerous and not in the best interests of raising and edu▓cating children to become balanced global citizens," said the expert.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatNews Analysis: Ch▓ina poised to defend against rising protectionismNews Analysis: China poised to defend against rising protectionismNews Analysis: Chi▓na poised to defend against rising protectionism02-10-2017 06:40 BJTBEIJING, Feb. 9 (Xinhua) -- As anti-globali▓zation appears to be sweeping across▓ world economies still struggling with slow recoveries, China is poised to defend its exports against escalating protectionism."We do not want trade wars, but we will be well-prepared for and actively respond to any trade remedy measures from other countries and regions ▓to protect the interests of Chinese enterprises," Wang Hejun, head of the trade remedy ▓and investigation bureau under the Ministry of Commerce, told the "Economic I▓nformation Daily."His remarks came in as a re▓sponse to recent exorbitant tariffs imposed by the United States and European Union on Ch▓inese steel.The U.S. commerce authority ruled earlier this month that importers of stainless she▓ets and strips manufactured in China will ha▓ve to pay anti-subsidy taxes up to 190.▓71 percent and anti-dumping taxes up to 76.64 percent. The European Commission at th▓e end of January decided to levy heavy duties on another Chinese steel product, wit▓h rates ranging between 30.7 percent and 64.9 percent.For China's ▓steel industry, with its average profit margin of 5 percent to 10 perc▓ent, the taxes are more than enough to completely drive Chinese companies out of the overseas markets, analys▓ts said.The two cases signaled looming t▓rade pressures for the world's second largest eco▓nomy that had once thrived on exports."The global trade [situation] is deteriorating and will become even grimmer in 2017," W▓ang said, predicting Chinese steel and aluminum▓ products will continue to be main targets of trade investigations.The world's largest exporter has born the brun▓t of rising protectionism amid the▓ feeble global economic recovery.Chinese▓ exporters suffered a record number 119 trade remedy investigations initiated by 27 countries or regions last year, a 36.8 percent increase from 2015. Th▓ose cases involved 14.34 billion U.S. dollars of goods, up 76 percent year on year.Weighed on by trade remedies, China's full-year expo▓rts in 2016 dropped 2 percent in yuan-denominated ▓terms, and imports up slightly b▓y 0.6 percent, customs data showed. Its trade surplus dropped 9.1 percent."Protect▓ionism is becoming increasingly s▓erious, not only because of surging trade probes, but the disregard for and abuse of established ru▓les of some members of the World▓ Trade Organization (WTO), which have further comp▓ounded the international circumsta▓nce," Wang said.To easily impose exorbita▓nt tariffs on Chinese products, the United ▓States and EU still use costs of▓ production in a third country to calculate the value of products from countries on its "non-market economy" list, which includes China.The unfair and unreasonable practice should have expired at the end of 2016, according to agreements signed when China joined the WTO in 2001. But the United Sta▓tes has refused to grant China equal trade status, and the EU, although mulling abolishment of its "non-market economy" list, has proposed new restrictions to legalize the old pract▓ice.Trade remedies have been politicized an▓d become an expedient for some coun▓tries and regions to transfer domestic econom▓ic pressure, Wang said.Under a prolonged economic downturn, protectionism is on the rise around the globe. The monthly average trade investigations launched by WTO members in 2016 reached the highest level since 2009.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR ▓Code to follow us on WechatNews Analysis▓: Washington's bitter partisan rivalry▓ continues in Trump's first weeksNews Analysis: Washington's bitter partisan rivalry continues in Trump's first weeksNews Analysis: Washin▓gton's bitter partisan rivalry continues in Tr▓ump's first weeks02-06-2017 06:51 BJTB▓y Matthew RuslingWASHINGTON, Feb. ▓5 (Xinhua) -- Not even a month into Dona▓ld Trump's presidency, Washington's bitter partisan rivalry continues, with Dem▓ocrats going hard against the new commander-in-chief.The Democrats have been stunned by Trump's victory last ▓November when he beat Democrat▓ic rival Hillary Clinton to clinch the White House, surprising the vast majority o▓f pollsters and experts.Expressing their di▓sapproval of the New York billionaire and his policies, a number of Democrats joined demonstrations against Trump, or refused to attend Trump's inauguration two ▓weeks ago. House Democratic leader Nancy ▓Pelosi is leading the charge against Trump' s recent visa ban on sev▓en majority-Muslim countries where terrorism is rife, calling the ban anti-Muslim.▓Some Republicans and pundits, however, have countered that the ban does not cover hundreds of millions of Muslims from countrie▓s worldwide.Some experts said many Democrats are baffled that voters chose Trump, and are attacking him in any way they can in a bid to drum up support after suffering a massive defeat. Others note that Republi▓cans, when Obama was elected eight years ago, blocked everything the f▓ormer president did."Democrats have decided to opp▓ose most of what Trump is proposing," Brookin▓gs Institution Senior Fellow Darrell West told Xinhua.This means it will be difficult for Trump to pass anything that requires 60 vote▓s in the Senate to break a Democratic filibuster, West said, referring t▓o Congressional rules that could mak▓e things difficult for Trump."He can▓ pass budget-related bills through▓ a simple majority, but every other p▓olicy action is going to be difficult for him. I▓ expect this to continue throughout Trump's presid▓ency," he said.Critics also said the new president▓ has done little to reach out to th▓e other side, making it likely that the rivalry will continue unabated."He has done little to ▓reach out to opponents, so if an▓ything their (Democrats' ) opposition▓ is likely to become even more intense," West sa▓id.Republican Strategist Ford O' Connell told Xinhua that Democrats are goin▓g to complain about Trump's actions no matter what he does, in a bid to increase support from vo▓ters.Polls find that Americans are fed up with Washington's party rivalry. Others ▓note that this is simply part of the U.S. system of governance, although at ▓times it can hamper progress."Some degree of par▓tisan rivalry is good for democracy. Vigor▓ous competition promotes idea de▓velopment and gives voters a sense of how the two parties differ on▓ key issues. However, taken too far, extreme partisanship weakens ▓the political system and makes it difficult to address important problems," West said.Not being able to pass basic legislation raises ▓cynicism among voters and makes ▓them think nothing good comes out of Washing▓ton, West said.One upcoming issue of conten▓tion, among others to come, is th▓e wall on the U.S.-Mexican border that Trump ordered to build. He even demanded Mexico pay for the wall, despite the latter's strong opposition.Critics, including the Mexican government and U.S. Democrats, have railed against the wall, saying it's expensive and unnecessary.West sai▓d Democrats will attack the wall as ▓bad policy and as far too expensive."They will argue that Republicans waste money on ill▓-advised policies while the Republican Party also cuts assistance programs for the middle class. They will say the wall is bad for foreign policy and

will destroy relations with Mexico," he said.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Co▓de to follow us o


i-official ▓Mehr news agency reported.The missiles included home-made short-range and medium-range systems, the report said.The indigen▓ous missile of 3-Khordad, which was test-fired on ▓Saturday, has a range of 75km and can soar to altitudes up to 30 km.It is capab▓le of engaging in electronic warfare and incorporates the latest cutting-edge technology and scrambling on multiple ta▓rgets in lower radar cross-section (RCS).Another tested missile of Tabas has a range ▓of 60 km and soars to the alti▓tude of 30 km. It is designed ▓and manufactured by the IRGC and is highly agile in offensive an▓d defensive positions.The third one tested was Sayyad-2 missile system which has the same features as Tabas and has been designed by Iranian Ministry of Defense, according to Mehr.Also, IRGC deployed three radar systems in the drills on Saturday. Ghadir long-range radar system with 3D detectin▓g feature can capture the aerial threats as far as 1100 km away.Ghadir is capable of detecti▓ng stealth drones and other aerial vehicles ▓and can even trace the targets.▓Matla'alfajr and Kavosh radar systems a▓re capable of detecting the threats up to 500km▓ and 150km respectively. They can also de

iles and drones flying in lower▓ altitudes.The IRGC launched a major air defense drill, dubbed Defenders of Velayat, on Saturday, official IRNA news agency r▓eported.The military exercise is carried out in the area of 35,000 square kilometers in Semn▓an region in the central-north of Iran.The mane▓uver is aimed at enhancing the preparedness▓ of the IRGC units in the face of threats.The hom▓e-grown radar systems, commandme▓nt tactics, as well as control and electronic wa▓rfare systems will be put in the test in the exercise, the report said.Last week, Iran launched a ballistic missile test, w▓hich drew a stern warning from Washington. Iran d▓ismissed the U.S. concerns saying that the test was aimed at deterrence▓ purposes.Please scan the QR Code to foll▓ow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to fo▓llow us on WechatChinese news aggregator Toutiao acquires FlipagramChinese news aggregator Toutiao acquires FlipagramChinese news aggregator T


ram02-03-2017 07:28 BJTBEIJING, Feb. 2 (Xinhua) -- Toutiao, one of China's most popular mobile news apps, confirmed Thursday that it has acquired Flipagram, a U.S. video creation app.Though no financial details were disclosed, Toutiao sources said th▓e deal enabled it to run Flipagram's p▓roducts and operations.Flipagram allows ▓users to stitch photos and videos into montages with background music, and was once considered a serious threa▓t to Instagram.After the acquisition, Tou▓tiao will integrate Flipagram videos into its ▓own personalized content feeds in an effort to ▓expand its international audience.Toutiao, which literally translates into "Today's To▓p Headlines," was founded in 2012 and has more than 600 million active users. The company began to explore the intern▓ational market in 2015 and has expanded its reach to Japan, India, Brazil, No▓rth America and Southeast Asia, by creating its own ventures or through acquisitions.Las▓t

year, Toutiao's founder Zhang Yiming sai▓d that going glo

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